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This 2-sided cast iron griddle is the perfect companion to the PKGO Camp & Tailgate Grilling System. It features a smooth side for smash burgers, searing fish, grilling veggies and of course the grilled breakfast. The slotted side is perfect for steaks, chicken, and pork.

Care Instructions:
PK's cast iron griddles are coated with porcelain enamel in order to minimize rust while still holding heat extremely well.

Chips or scratches in the coating will expose the cast iron underneath, which will lead to rusting. Managing rust is typical with all cast iron indoor and outdoor cook surfaces.

When grilling with metal tools, use care to avoid scraping the surface. To clean, use a soft bristle (ex. Nylon) grill brush instead of a metal or wire brush.

To clean, burn off any food that is leftover. Use hot water and mild soap to clean as needed. Dry after cleaning, and coat with a thin coat of vegetable oil to minimize rusting of any exposed areas.

It makes me want to cook every day.

- Dixie P.
Product Specifications
Product Length:
17 inches
Product Width:
12 inches
Product Height:
1 inch
Product Weight:
12.5 lbs
Compatible With:
PKGO Camp & Tailgate Grilling System
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