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How to Clean Your Grill

Grilling is a favorite pastime for many.  Whether it’s cooking for your family or the many guests you invited over, it’s hard to beat that fun experience of cooking with direct heat.  However, after you’ve cooked the food, eaten, and all of your guests have gone away, you are left with cleanup duties.  How do you go about it?  In this article, we will give you several tips on how to clean your grill.  Not only will you have a clean grill, it will also help the longevity of its lifespan as well.

Clean the Grill Grate

The grill grate is the most important piece to clean.  It is the piece that acts as a middleman between your food and the heat.  If not properly cared for, the grate could experience rust over time which might end up in your food the next time you grill. 

Your food comes into direct contact with your grill grate.  This means after you have finished cooking, you’ll usually find pieces of food still latched on it.  Rather than cleaning off the grate after you have finished, leave the food particles for next time.  This adds an extra layer of protection to ward against rust.  The next time you decide to use your grill, all you have to do is simply let your grate heat up for around five minutes, then brush any remaining food pieces away with your brush. 

Oil your Grill Grate

By using oil on your grill grate as you cook, you are able to limit the amount of food that gets stuck to the grate.  Before you start grilling, apply a light amount of cooking oil on the grate.  Don’t use too much oil as you can experience a flare-up.  By keeping your grate oiled, you will be able to slide burgers off the grate with no problem.

Dispose of your Ashes

Don’t let your charcoal sit in your grill as moisture can settle in.  This creates a difficult cleaning process for the next time you use your grill with the ash and moisture combining to create a hard substance.  Avoid the unnecessary and extra work and simply dispose of your ash after you’ve ensured there are no more coals burning.  You can place remaining coals in a bucket to be used next time.  Make sure the bucket is in an area where moisture cannot get in.

Cleaning your Grill

Take some cleaner, a rag, and some elbow grease and get to work on the outside of your grill.  You can easily make the outside of your grill looking nice.  When it comes to the inside, it may be best to limit cleaning often.  By doing just a quick wipe down, you can keep the grill’s seasoning intact which will help with temperature control.

Store your Grill

Store your grill in your garage, shed, or other indoor area if possible.  If you decide to keep it outdoors, we highly recommend you use a grill cover to avoid moisture which can result in rust. 

When it comes to maintaining a clean grill, there are a lot of easy steps that you can take.  Use these tips to get the most out of your grill this season.  PK Grills has a great collection of grill cleaning supplies, covers, and more to help keep your grill in the most pristine condition possible.