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PK Branded YETI 20oz Rambler with Lid


Cooking delicious food on a cast aluminum PK Grill is thirsty work and it is important to stay hydrated. That is why when we fire up the grill, we also fill up a 20oz PK Rambler with the beverage of our choice.

For those early morning starts, when we are putting on a pork shoulder or a brisket, the hot coffee goes in and the YETI Rambler keeps it hot until the sun comes up or we duck inside the cabin for a refill. For afternoon grilling, we prefer something a little cooler in our cup and this stainless steel vessel keeps it ice cold for hours. Whatever the situation, this is your cup and we added a handy temperature guide so you would know just when to pull that steak off the PK.

It makes me want to cook every day.

- Dixie P.
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