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PK Pizza Stone


The PK Pizza Stone is like the Sharon Stone of outdoor cookery. It makes everything near it hot and cheesy with a touch of smoke and danger. The PK Pizza Stone distributes the heat of your PK Grill evenly, absorbs excess moisture and creates a crisp crust on pizza and other baked goods. It is safe for use in PK Grills, conventional ovens and (heaven forbid) microwave ovens. It can also be used to bake bread, bagels and rolls. The stone also conveys to your friends and family that you are an outdoor gourmet; a grill master who may or may not be secretly named Tony Pepperoni from Italy.


14 inch diameter fits most popular grill models


Carry rack included

Safe for use in grills, conventional and microwave ovens

Note: Microwave pizzas are for stoners and children. Avoid cooking microwave pizzas on your PK Pizza stone.

It makes me want to cook every day.

- Dixie P.
Product Specifications
Product Width:
14 inches
Product Weight:
6 lbs
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