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The New PK360 Grill & Smoker


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(almost 40% larger than the 18-inch Big Green Egg)
Patented venting and shape for exceptional Two-Zone Cooking. Superior direct high heat cooking and indirect low & slow cooking.
Superior heat conduction. Even consistent heat. Rust proof. Durable.

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Built To Cook. Built To Last. Since 1952

Dimensions & Capacity
Height 42.9"
Width 54" (From Shelf Tip to Tip)
Depth 26.9"

4 Point Venting System

The 4-Point Venting System on the new PK360 is revolutionary in precision air control and heat management. Combined with its unique shape, the PK360 is ideal to both direct and indirect cooking, known as 2-Zone Cooking. The 4-point system provides exceptional air flow inside the grill capsule. Keeping consistent heat on a charcoal grill has never been easier.

2-Zone Cooking

The unique PK Grill shape is ideal for two-zone heating: Direct High Heat or Indirect Low & Slow

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360 SQ Inches For The:

Thanksgiving Turkey, burgers for the baseball team, pork butts, brisket, ribs, chicken, whole fish, whole meal, this grill is Built To Cook.

The Original PK

Trade mark No 4986283


US Patent No D796249
MSRP: $369.99


Fuel Type: Charcoal
Capsule Material: Cast Aluminum
Cooking Grid Material: Nickel-Steel
Fuel Grate Material: Steel
Kit Hardware: Stainless Steel
Shelf Material: Aluminum


Cooking Surface Area: 310 sq. in.
Capsule Volume: 4080 Cubic Inches
Working Height: 27.25"
Overall Dimensions (Closed Lid): H - 34.75" W - 36.375" D - 19.5"
Shelf Surface Area: 544.5 sq. in.

Other Details

# of Vents: 4 (Sliding)
Thermometer: No
Use Without Stand: Yes
Warranty: 10 Years Capsule
Package Weight: 48.4 lbs
MSRP: $799.99


Fuel Type: Charcoal
Capsule Material: Cast Aluminum
Cooking Grid Material: Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Fuel Grate Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Kit Hardware: Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Shelf Material: High heat Durabilium with Leading Edge Tool Organization System


Cooking Surface Area: 360 sq. in.
Capsule Volume: 5374 Cubic Inches
Working Height: 34.2"
Overall Dimensions (Closed Lid): H - 42.9" W - 54.2" D - 23.6"
Shelf Surface Area: 618 sq. in.

Other Details

# of Vents: 4 (2 Radial, 2 Cylinders)
Thermometer: Tel-Tru
Use Without Stand: Yes
Warranty: 10 Years Capsule
Package Weight: Box 1 69.4 lbs Box 2 37.6 lbs

Warranty Information

We stand behind the PK360 completely. If you are not entirely satisfied with your new PK360 Grill & Smoker, we want to know about it. Contact us immediately to resolve the issue at customerservice@pkgrills.com or 1 (866) 354-7575.

This item is covered by PK's 30 Day Rust Free is Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the PK 360 Grill & Smoker, return it to us for any reason.

Portable Kitchens, Inc. further warrants the cast aluminum grill capsule against burn-out, rust or breakage for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase under normal, non-commercial use. This warranty is between the purchaser and Portable Kitchens, Inc. Should any of the above conditions occur, Portable Kitchens, Inc. will repair or replace parts affected free of charge to the purchaser provided a warranty card or online registration is on file with Portable Kitchens, Inc. All postage or freight to the factory will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Product Reviews

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  1. Wow, just wow.

    Posted by Kent Bishop on 25th Jan 2018

    First of all the packaging was more than heavy duty. The 360 arrives in 2 boxes, the bigger 1 held the capsule, stainless grills and the upright for the base. The smaller held the base itself , shelves, handles and hardware.
    But wait, the base and shelves were in separate boxes so in fact the 360 ships in 4 boxes. Almost over kill for something that's made from cast aluminium. The assembly was easy and the assembly manual was written by somebody who had English as their first language, you know what I mean. Once assembled the 360 is a piece of modern art that perfectly showcases what modern manufacturing can achieve when married to a lot of fore thought. For example the H shaped base isn't perfectly symmetrical with the back 2 tines longer than the front 2 so the 360 is still rock solid with the heavy lid open.
    In the 4 days I've had it I've slow cooked duck thighs, seared steaks and salmon fillets and all have turned out as perfect as the skill of the cook could allow.
    Lastly, several of the reviews on Amazon bemoan the high cost of the 360 and at $799, when not on sale, it is a hefty price. But I'm writing this review from Australia and the 360 cost me, figuring in shipping it 9000 miles and the exchange rate, $1844. Plus I've since spent another, roughly, $600 buying a couple of options for it. And that was after Cindy, thanks Cindy, at PK gave me a $100 discount on shipping because they're having a ' free shipping in America' sale. And I still feel like I got value for money.
    So to close, if you like to cook with charcoal and you're looking for a bbq that will last you for the rest of your life look no further, run don't walk to the PK web site and buy yourself a 360. You will not regret it.

  2. 50+ years old.

    Posted by Joyce Robinson on 19th Nov 2017

    We have either a first year or close to it grill. Purchased by my late father in law who passed in 1968. It is still in great shape. Had to purchase new grill grates over the years. No rust. Original stand but replaced the wheels about 10 years ago. Just purchased my son one for a wedding present. Should still be grilling on his 50th Anniversary. Thanks PK.

  3. Graphite PK360

    Posted by Jerry Yordy on 28th Oct 2017

    I received my grill this morning (Saturday Oct. 28. Wow what a surprise. Incredibley heavy duty. Assembly was mostly easy. The instructions should mention to completly loosen the bolts that attach the pedistal to the base. Otherwise it is very hard to get the pedistal completly inserted. The only other problem we had was attaching the side handels. They have PK molded into them, but that goes facing down. Seems counterintuitive. Nevertheless, we got it assembled, and it looks fantastic. Tried it out tonight to bake two potatoes and two rib eye steaks. Everything turned out great. I need to practice with heat control, plan on making ribs later this week. Very happy with this purchase.

  4. Win, win

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Aug 2017

    What a great grill! Not only is the PK360 beautiful on my deck, it's easy to grill on and clean up is easy....win, win. My steaks and brisket taste sooo good! You can't beat the charcoal taste! I've thrown away my last gas grill!

  5. It Doesn't Get Better Than This

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Aug 2017

    The PK360 is a beautifully designed charcoal grill that features a 4 point venting system that tailors to you, The Cook. Grilling has never been easier and the finished product more delicious! My family requests I grill every night! Just as great is the convenient portability and easy cleanup, which makes purchasing this grill a no-brainer!

  6. My Green Egg + Weber replacement

    Posted by Andrew Wiseheart on 27th Jul 2017

    This grill has become my new backyard smoker and grill. It's the perfect size for smoking meat for a small group. It holds heat as well as my green egg and is more attractive. Clean up is a breeze as well. I would recommend this grill to anyone!

  7. PK360 Built for Cooking Forever

    Posted by MC on 26th Jul 2017

    I was a bit torn between the original PK and the latest PK360. I also wanted the ability to hold heat for a long time, so the Kamado grills were in the running. The other was portability and weight, the Kamado grills are very heavy and would be primarily stationary. Ultimately, I went with the PK360 w/ Ironwood shelves, it's not very heavy but can withstand greater punishments than ceramic grills - Kamados. I really enjoyed putting this thing together, it was simple (not like 50+ parts to assemble like some Kamados), The outer body is made out of very well constructed cast aluminum as well as the handle! I was impressed with the quality as it is high quality. Yes, I would have liked everything to be made in the USA, however I believe some components are outside of the molded cast aluminum. The grates are 316L stainless steel (marine grade) so they will last very long and highly anti-corrosive. My watch is made out of the same material and salt from sea water will not rust it. The Ironwood shelves are very stable and I like the ability to easily remove when not in use. I also purchased the Pro cover, a bit on the expensive side but it is very high quality. The pedestal keeps the main capsule secure and stable. The one complaint I would say are the wheels. They look very cool, however when moving over uneven pavement they are not very effective - the bumps are pronuced and rattles the internal grates. If you move the grill a lot, it's better to try and remove the capsule from the pedestal and carry it instead. Outside of that, the grill is amazing! I will be honest, I have been on vacation and still drying up from the sea. I will be grilling on the PK360 soon to see how long I can smoke some pork shoulders! I cannot wait. The product has exceeded my expectations from the construction. The team at PK are responsive and have been a pleasure to work with. Now I will need to fire it up and enjoy!

  8. My Fathers Grill

    Posted by Steve McHugh on 21st Jul 2017

    The thing I love most about this grill is it reminds me of growing up with my dad always on the grill. It is way more durable and its ease of use is outstanding but the design just takes me back to those days when as a child watching my dad cook was better than watching TV.


    Posted by Patric Mueller on 20th Jul 2017

    I really thought about buying this grill especially because of the comparably high price tag to it. However, after receiving the grill, I can only say that the quality of construction is outstanding, the unit is well thought out and nicely engineered in every aspect. Packaging was very good, everything fits together nicely, is easy to assemble and the whole unit is very sturdy. I had no problems firing up the grill right away for two zone smoking a Boston Butt and holding the temperature at 225 F for about 5 hrs. before adding a few more char coals. The cooking space is more than sufficient for me, the table surface is great and this thing really looks just great in addition. The wheels however could be a bit larger, which would make it easier to move the grill on a less even surface but that is no problem for me and I still give it a 100%, 5 star rating. I would definitely buy this grill again. Thanks PK for this really great Grill!

  10. Next Level Charcoal Grilling

    Posted by Garrett on 18th Jul 2017

    I cut my charcoal grilling teeth on an original PK about 4 years ago. Prior to that I was solely utilizing a Gas Grill with no love for grilling and less than desirable results - I just didn't know it at the time. Experiment after experiment on the PK lead to an evening ritual that was almost spiritual in nature. Get Home + Cold Drink + Light Coals + Experiment = Decompress/Impress. When I learned of a larger grill, I was ecstatic, my only qualm with the original was depth. I always had to get creative to cook an upright chicken or more than a couple rib racks. The features of the 360 are all such noticeable upgrades, I love the extra surface area/depth plus the luxuries such as the ash system and table surface area. From upright chicken, large turkey's, ham's, pork shoulders, big brisket flats and all your grilling regulars, the 360 provides ample space and elite temp control. It was somewhat tough to purchase another charcoal grill, but I wouldn't give it back for the world, it's much easier to justify knowing that both of my PK's will be around as long as I will. Thanks for making Bad Ass Grills.

  11. 360 Degrees of Awesome

    Posted by Groucho Libre on 17th Jul 2017

    As a long time PK Classic user and new PK360 owner, I am happy to report that this grill rocks. I love the fact the PK brought this baby up to standard working height and added those enormous wing shelves. The capsule is straight up PK. Thick aluminum. The PK360 cooks smooth and looks great. I love making my neighbors jealous and try to do so several nights a week.

  12. Amazing quality and excellent cooking results

    Posted by Melissa on 13th Jul 2017

    We've owned a number of grills and smokers over the years - I love my Weber Smokey Mountain but this is just another level of quality with excellent cooking results. I was looking for something I could grill on, slow smoke on, was portable and that looked good on my deck. It took a few runs to get use to it (I'm preferring lump vs. charcoal) but now it's second nature. The cooking zones are fantastic and the portability is great - we took it to a cabin with us this weekend. This grill takes the cake - I love it so much it feels like it's part of the family :-) You will not be sorry you made the purchase.


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