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The Original PK Grill Grid & Charcoal Grate


Available for order at the end of August


This is a replacement hinged cooking grid and charcoal grate for the standard PK Grill & Smoker. The set will fit any PK produced since 1997 – current model 99740, series 700, 800, 3517 and 3712. For prior (or unknown) year models, please be sure to measure the inside of your grill to ensure a proper fit. 

# Materials

  • Hinged Grid: Steel with nickel plating
  • Charcoal Grate: Steel

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*These products will not fit The New Original PK Grill & Smoker (PK300 and PK300AF)

It makes me want to cook every day.

- Dixie P.
Product Specifications
Grid Length:
21 1/2 inches
Grid Width:
14 3/16 inches
Grid Weight:
4 lbs
Grate Length:
19 3/8 inches
Grate Width:
12 1/2 inches
Grate Weight:
5 lbs
Total Weight:
9 lbs
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