Father's Day Deal! Free Carbon Steel Griddle with the purchase of PK360, PK300 and PK300AF

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Santa’s elves got a little rowdy at the North Pole company Christmas party and some of our PKGO lids fell victim to their shenanigans. Unfortunately, the evidence has been removed from TikTok so you’ll just have to trust us. Fortunately the resulting damage was only cosmetic, which much like Danny Trejo, just makes them look more badass (check out the pictures as an example).

Although we think this should make these grills more valuable. Kinda like Swifty’s distressed jeans, Slash’s Gibson, & Brady’s footballs. Nevertheless, we’re offering them to you at a significant discount. They’ve been hand-inspected and they carry the same 20-year warranty* against performance and durability issues(but not cosmetic issues) so you know they’re still Built To Cook & Built To Last.

*All sales final. This product is sold as is and PK reserves the right to honor or decline any warranty claim at our own discretion.

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By far the best grill I have owned!

- Facebook Review