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Charcoal Cheer: 5 Great Holiday Recipes for the Grill

Posted by PK Grills on 6th Dec 2018

Who says the holidays have to be all about roasts and slow cookers? These great holiday recipes will put your grill to good use.

Whenever you think of firing up your PK, we're willing to bet you think of doing so in the sweltering heat. And you're not alone there. The Fourth of July is the biggest grilling holiday in the U.S.

So big, in fact, that about 87 percent of Americans plan to fire up their grills on that day.

But firing up the grill is not only a summer activity? Why not try grilling or smoking up our favorite foods during the holiday season?

Don't think the holiday season merits pulling our your grill? We've got five holiday recipes that will make you think twice. 

1. Mustard-Flavored Rack of Lamb

Who doesn't love a good rack of lamb? When prepared well, rack of lamb is tender, juicy, and flavorful.

A typical preparation of rack of lamb is the proverbial baked herb-crusted variety. But this mustard-flavored rack of lamb recipe thwarts convention and tastes just as great.

If you plan on tackling this recipe, just be sure to give yourself enough time. You'll have to marinate the lamb for at least six hours. If, though, you have extra time, the recipe recommends marinating your lamb for up to 24 hours.

After you've marinated your lamb, you can grill away. Once you've pulled your lamb off of the grill, your holiday guests won't be able to refuse a taste.

2. Pork Crown Roast

Pork is a holiday staple in many American households. And few pork dishes are as delicious as pork crown roast.

This particular recipe has all of the flavor you could ever ask for. The pork's marinade is savory. It includes fats and herbs such as olive oil thyme.

The pork glaze, on the other hand, is of the sweet variety. The glaze's fig preserves add just the right touch to the savory dish.

3. Cranberry-Orange Steak

Ah, cranberry. Its autumnal flavor just makes us want to carve up a turkey. Which is why this cranberry-orange steak is just what you need this holiday season.

But beware:

Cooking an award-winning steak is no easy task. If you get it slightly wrong, everyone at your holiday dinner will have their pitchforks at the ready.

So take it from us and some reputable pitmasters. Do your holiday steak justice. 

4. Grilled Ham

As we said before, pork is a holiday essential. And while pork crown roast is tasty, nothing beats a well-prepared ham. But does a grilled ham live up to the traditional baked ham?

Well, you can try it for yourself and find out. The recipe is simple, so there's no reason not to give it a try this holiday season.

5. Prime Rib

Some of just like our protein prime. That's why prime rib exists. 

Fortunately, there are some simple grilled prime rib recipes out there. This recipe, for instance, includes just six ingredients.

Of course, we encourage you to spice up the recipe with your own twist on holiday flavors. There's nothing like more flavor when you want to spread cheer. 

Looking to Give These Holiday Recipes a Try?

Are you looking to give these holiday recipes a try? If so, make sure you have a grill on hand that's up to the task of feeding your holiday guests. 

You can start your hunt for a new grill by finding a retailer that sells high-quality grills. You're sure to find a vendor that carries your dream grill.