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Garlic + Ginger Spatchcocked Chicken Banh Mi

Posted by Wes Mickel on 14th Feb 2022

For 1 chicken, split with backbone removed.

1 Split Chicken
4 FL OZ Fish Sauce
2 FL OZ Light Soy Sauce (No dark soy here.)
2 FL OZ Neutral Oil (Canola or Sunflower work great!)
4 OZ Cane Sugar
8 Cloves Garlic
2” Piece Ginger, Peeled
4 Ea Limes, Juiced
4 Green Onions, Roots Removed and Cut Into 2” Pieces

Quick Tips:

  • Any leftover marinade should be reserved for brushing over the bird during the indirect cooking process.
  • For a more pronounced flavor, finish the chickens with a spritz of fish sauce.
  • For a bit of a kick, add Thai chiles to the marinade before blending.

Combine all ingredients (sans chicken) in a blender and process until smooth. Lay the chicken out flat and coat with marinade. Set aside ¼ the volume of marinade to dress the finished bird. Refrigerate for 12-24 hours.
12-24 Hours Later
Remove the chicken from the fridge. Take the birds out of the marinade, reserving the remaining amount to brush over the bird.
Prep PK for indirect heat. Make sure to place a drip pan beneath where the turkey will be placed on the grill. Once grill is preheated and pumping out some beautiful blue smoke, place the bird directly over the coals to establish some grill marks and caramelization of sugars. This should go pretty quick with all the sugar in the marinade. Once the exterior looks nice and crispy, move the split bird over to the indirect side with the legs pointed toward the coal bed. Brush with reserved marinade.
Close the lid, and cook the chicken through to an internal temp desired (we recommend 155 degrees, so carry over cooking can finish it off….carry over cooking should raise between 5-10 degrees, so don’t forget when deciding when to remove the bird).
Once cooled, carve or pull the bird into a bowl. Toss with the untainted marinade reserved at the beginning.