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Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks

Posted by Wes Mickel on 30th Jul 2021

This works for quarters, drumsticks, bone-in thighs, hypothetically duck, turkey, turducken, or any poultry you want to have some honey mustard love. If you want to add dijon to fancy up honey mustard, go for it. We like to throw in some Colemans to give it a little of that mustard burn…Brush the drumsticks about 2 times during the indirect stage to build up some sticky sauce, then finish by brushing again before finishing over direct heat. You want them to be pretty sticky and golden with little bits of char.

Honey Mustard

4 FL OZ yellow mustard

2 FL OZ Colemans, prepared mustard (not the powder)

3 FL OZ honey

1 FL OZ brown sugar

2 FL OZ mayo

1 FL OZ onion powder

.5 FL OZ apple cider vinegar

Tabasco or hot sauce of choice

Kosher Salt to taste


3 lbs. Bone in Drumsticks (or other dark meat)

Honey Mustard:

-Mix all ingredients in a bowl until homogenous. Season with tabasco and salt to taste. Divide into 2 separate containers. One to marinade and brush during cooking, and one for serving.

For the Chicken

-Toss the chicken in the portioned “marinade” honey mustard and place in an airtight container. Marinade for 8-12 hours. Pull out of the fridge 1-2 hours prior to smoking.

Set up your grill for indirect flame and have some soaked wood pieces at the ready if you're wanting a little extra smoke. You're shooting for about 250 plus or minus 10 degrees F smoker temp. If you're over, it will go faster, and if you're under it's going to take longer. No worries either way, but shoot for 250. Add your hydrated wood pieces directly over prepped coals, and place your poultry (shake off excess marinade before placing on the grates) opposite the coals (save that extra marinade). Close the lid and set your airflow up for indirect setting (top vent closed over the coals and top vent open slightly over the chicken, and bottom vent open wide under the coals and bottom vent closed under the chickies). Every 20-30 minutes, rotate the drumsticks and give them a little brush of reserved marinade. Cook over indirect heat to an internal temp of 145-155, then brush with reserved marinade (if you're out, use some of the H.M. you bogarded earlier for serving) and finish over direct heat. The goal here is to really get some caramelization on all that honey mustard.