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Introducing the PK BBQ Thermometer by Tel-Tru

Posted by Scott Moody on 31st Aug 2016

Since 1916, Tel-tru Manufacturing has established a reputation for producing thermometers that are the WORLD STANDARD for quality workmanship and accuracy. Recently, PK Grills partnered with Tel-Tru to produce a PK branded BBQ thermometer for our Original PK Grill & Smoker and forthcoming PK grill models.

We are proud to offer this thermo kit, which includes the thermometer, wing nut and a silver flashing, to our customers for $39.99 plus shipping. A 1/4" drill bit and drill are required to mount the thermometer. We suggest mounting the thermometer near the cooking surface, in an offset position, on the side of the grill where you normally place your food when cooking indirect. The probe will extend 2 3/8" into the grill capsule.

We placed our thermo between the hinges of our PK just above the lip. This placement ensures that the thermometer reads the temperature at the cooking surface on the indirect side of the grill. It also is well out of the way of the Littlemore Grid or Cookware Grid, should we want to use one of those during the cook.

We made a short video of the simple installation process which you can see here

Get the PK BBQ Thermometer by Tel-Tru here.