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PK Grills Introduces Most Portable Kitchen To Date

Posted by Scott Moody on 19th Jun 2018

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. April TK, 2018 – PK Grills, maker of the iconic hand-poured aluminum PK Grill and Smoker, today announces its latest grill, the PK-TX. Inspired by one of the first PK Grills developed in Texas in the early 1950’s, the PK-TX is rooted in three key design elements – portability, versatility and durability. As with all PK Grills, the PK-TX is Built to Last with a premium grade cast aluminum grill capsule and rust-proof aluminum and stainless steel stand.

“Most grills that are designed for portability just plain suck at grilling. They sacrifice quality with cheaper, thinner materials, and the end result is an overly complicated hot dog cooker. With the PK-TX, we’ve modified our award winning Original PK capsule to make it just as simple and easy to experience elite cooking quality and versatility on the road as it is in your backyard,” said Brian Taylor, President and CEO of PK Grills. “The PK-TX stand collapses and turns into a dolly, allowing users to bring the light-weight aluminum PK to a tailgate party or tuck it away when not in use if space is at a premium. So instead of being limited to burgers and dogs, imagine yourself grilling championship quality steak tacos for your buddies or slow-smoking a few racks of ribs at the Saturday game. Whether at home or on the go, the new PK-TX is a no regrets move as your next grill and smoker.

The PK-TX’s grill capsule uses the same trademarked 4-point venting system as the renowned Original PK Grill & Smoker.It provides easy and accurate temperature control for every style of cooking without flare-ups from dripping fat. The quarter-inch-thick, rustproof casting of the PK-TX allows it to perform as much like an oven as an outdoor grill.

The PK-TX is available for a limited time at a special launch price of $399 and includes the grill capsule and the stand. The stand can also be purchased independently for $189.


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