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Ray's Rib Eye Steaks

Posted by Uncle Ray on 21st Apr 2014

Lightly sprinkle Adolphus Regular Meat Tenderizer on both sides of three quarter inch thick Rib Eye steaks. Marinade in equal parts melted real butter and Worcestershire sauce forty-five minutes to an hour before putting on the grill.

Three-quarter to one cup of marinade should be enough for two to four steaks.

(Hint: Put the steaks in the marinade mixture in a stainless steel pan just before starting the fire. Turn a couple times while messing with the fire.)

If you are cooking on a wood deck or dry outdoor area, place a metal pan on the lower shelf under the open lower right vent to catch ashes and make sure no coals can escape.

Use a large coffee can with a snap on lid filled with Kingsford's Hickory Briquettes to soak the briquettes with lighter fluid about five minutes. Dump the entire can on the right side of the empty grill and light it. Move the grate over the fire and let it "sanitize". As the briquettes start to turn white on the edges, spread them over the entire right side of the grill. Let the briquettes burn until they are completely white. This stage is done with the top in the open position. Open lower right vent and top left vent, close lower left and top right vent.

The grill is now ready for your marinaded steaks.

With the top open, place the steaks directly over the fire. and cook about two minutes on each side, just enough to seal in the juices. Watch to make sure the fire does not flare from the butter. Move to the left side of the grill that is opposite the fire and close the lid. Using a hot fire, cook the meat a total of fourteen minutes, including the "browning stage". Move steaks back directly over fire, turning once before removing from the grill if you like them browned.

If the fire flares up when placing the steaks directly over the coals, you probably need to let it burn a while longer before placing the steaks on the grill. After the steaks are done, close all vents and lower the top and the fire will go out.

After eating and the grill has cooled enough to touch, place damp paper towels on the entire metal cooking grate and close the lid. Later or the next day, open the grill and use the towels to wipe the metal cooking grates off, this should make cleaning the grill really easy and have it ready for the next time you want to use it.