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Taking the Direct Approach to Grilling Steaks

Posted by Scott Moody on 8th Jul 2015

The New York Times recently published an article in support of the merits of cooking your steaks directly on your bed of coals.  The article,  "For A Better Steak, Cook Directly On Charcoal" claims that you can achieve a better tasting steak without the grit and ash that you might suspect.  We would be dubious of this claim if not for the fact that Aaron Franklin made a similar claim in a recent Bon Appetit article.  Franklin says, "If it’s just [my wife] Stacy and I, I might throw some tomahawk steaks down in the coals and grill some vegetables on top."  This is the same article, by the way, where Aaron Franklin calls out the PK as his "favorite grill."

So, what do you think about this technique?  Let us know.