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What's New at PK?

25th May 2015

We've had a busy spring here at PK. A lot has been happening and here are just some of the highlights.

People we trust and respect are saying nice things about the PK Grill. We appreciate their support:

Amazing Ribs Top 10 Charcoal Grills 2015 The folks at Amazing Ribs called us a “Kettle Killer” and said PK “has become our favorite charcoal grill.” (Thanks, guys!)
About Food Top 10 Charcoal Grills 2015 Derrick Riches & About Food said “The Portable Kitchen holds heat better, has better airflow control, and will outlast the Weber. This grill is an investment in the future, one you might just pass on to your kids. Read the full review here. They must have caught a glimpse of why our fans love us, as they ranked us among the Top 10 Charcoal Grills in 2015.

We’ve created custom swag to improve overall grilling and smoking:

New aprons to rev up your grilling! Our new PK Apron is built to be as long lasting and durable as you expect from PK Grills. These aprons are so durable our team wears them to finish and pack our cast aluminum grills, so we're pretty sure they can handle that roast chicken you've got on deck for the in-laws this weekend.

4 Panel Custom Grill Grates

Custom GrillGrates are here and we love them. The world’s best competition steak cooks cook on PK Grills using GrillGrates. This set of PK-specific GrillGrates consists of 4 interlocking panels that form a highly conductive cooking surface on your PK Grill. While your PK is designed to eliminate flare-ups when cooking with the capsule closed, the GrillGrates serve to block flare-ups from burning your food while the lid is open.

The world's best competition steak cooks have discovered the aluminum PK Grill. And they love it!

The 2015 Magnolia Blossom Fest and World Championship Steak Cook-off just happened and three out of the top four teams competed using a cast aluminum PK Grill & Smoker - just like the ones you can buy right here on our site.

The 'Smoke House Rats' cook team which consists of Joe Stump and Dustin Sanders, took first and second place respectively. Joe Stump repeated to become the two-time World Champ. Johnny Joseph and James Ingram, a.k.a. the BS (Blowin' Smoke) Grillers took fourth.

We’ve been welcomed in local neighborhoods:

PK Now Available at Ace Hardware As of March, PK's are not only  available online with free shipping; we’re now available at select Ace Hardware Stores throughout the U.S.

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