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Worcestershire Brined Wings + Honey Sriracha Hot Sauce

Posted by Wes Mickel on 14th Feb 2022

For 3 lbs trimmed wings

16 FL OZ Water
16 FL OZ Ice Water
4 OZ Kosher Salt
4 FL OZ Worcestershire
6 OZ Cane Sugar

8 FL OZ Sriracha
4 FL OZ Honey
8 T Butter

Quick Tips:

  • Wood selection is really dealer's choice here. This recipe uses chips as the smoke time is really not that long.
  • Make sure to coat the wings well before the second direct grilling so all the sugars get nice and crispy.
  • Any leftover sauce can be poured over the wings at the end.

Combine 16 FL OZ H2O, salt, Worcestershire, and sugar in a saucepot. Heat to a rolling boil, stirring until all salt and sugar have dissolved. Once dissolved, combine salt/molasses mixture with ice water.
Place brine in a container tight enough to accommodate the wings. Place wings in the container, followed by submerging them in brine. Place in the fridge, and allow to brine for 12-18 hours.
Prep PK for indirect heat with a nice bed of coals. Remove wings from brine, pat dry, and allow to rest at room temp for about 30 min to air dry a bit.* Start by grilling the wings over direct heat until nice grill marks have been established. Once cooked, move wings to the grill side opposite the coals. Place soaked chips over grates and smoke for about 30 min.

Once wings are smoked, open the grill and allow the coals to heat up for direct heat. First, prepare the sauce for wings by placing a cast iron pan directly over the coals to preheat. Add butter, allow to melt, then add honey and Sriracha whisking to combine.
Place wings in sauce, turning to coat on all sides. Place the coated wings on all sides directly over the coal bed. Grill until the sugars begin to caramelize (but not burn). Place wings back into the sauce to coat, then serve.