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Grilled Lobster

Posted by Mike Alexander on 24th Apr 2014

Take 2 live lobsters and drop into a large pot, that has a couple of inches of hard boiling salted water. Remove after 3 minutes. This will "set" the insides. With a large sharp knife, slice lengthwise. Drizzle inside with butter, olive oil or aioli. Grill on medium heat, shell down, till tail meat is almost completely opaque. Carefully flip to meat side down to get some nice grill marks. The claws will cook faster, so have them at edge of coals. Every bit of the insides are edible except the feathery gills. If you are lucky there will be some red roe. The tan/green is the tamale or liver, spread this on a nice crusty bread (You might want to save this before flipping if you think you will lose any, then just place back on to serve). Garnish if you like. Crack claws and the joints behind. Serve with melted garlic butter with a squeeze of fresh lime.