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Grilled "Redfish On The Half Shell"

Posted by Captain Chris Nichols on 24th Apr 2014


  • Requires 2 *large redfish fillets (*25\"-27\" fish)
  • Olive Oil
  • Old Bay Cajun Seasoning
  • Parmesan Cheese


Fillet redfish leaving skin/scales. Wash, pat dry.

Put fillets- skin/scales down on large baking sheet covered with double foil. ****Roll foil edges to retain drippings****

Coat with olive oil. Dust with Old Bay, Cajun Seasonings.

Let stand/marinate in a cool area for 1 hour. (on my vintage PK Grill- indirect heat/smoke)

Carefully lift fillets (on foil) onto grill- non direct heat end.

Lift hinged grate, add hickory wood to hot coals on opposite end.


Bottom vent(s) full open; top vents 3/4 closed. Add hickory as needed.

Cooking time varies... be attentive- do not overcook fish!

Baste fish with additional olive oil as necessary to seal flavor and keep moist...

When redfish is becoming firm and flaky and it\'s almost time to remove- dust fillets lightly with grated parmesan cheeze, and drop cover to brown/melt cheeze.


The properly cooked, firm fillets will scrape easily off of the skin backing leaving grilled redfish "steaks".

Bon apetit!