Rust Proof Grills Built to Last

10th Mar 2015

Harsh winter conditions and the rainy spring season are no match for our rust proof grills. With or without a grill cover, the PK’s cast aluminum body withstands grill rust when exposed to snow, ice, rain, salt air, even spilled beer. It’s that good. (Tweet this)

How Does PK Make a Rust Proof Grill?

  • We use hand poured aluminum to cast our distinctive grill, as aluminum is inherently rustproof.
  • Grill hinges won’t rust because they’re molded into the grill (how nice is that?)
  • When aluminum is exposed to the atmosphere it spontaneously forms a thin but effective oxide layer that prevents further oxidation.
  • Aluminum oxide is impermeable and, unlike the oxide layers on many other metals, it adheres strongly to the parent metal. (So, we say science, but some say magic.)
  • If damaged mechanically, aluminum’s oxide layer repairs itself immediately.

Durability under varied conditions is one of the reasons why the PK has been a popular choice for outdoor cooking for over 60 years: it dutifully withstands outdoor elements without forming rust.

Have an old PK that has withstood the test of time? Send us a pic at

Rust proof isn’t the only benefit of the PK Grill. Did you know it’s a smoker too? So much to love. View all our benefits here.