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Welcome to the new PKGRILLS.COM!

Posted by Scott Moody on 4th May 2014

Well, it’s May already and grilling season is in full swing. You might have noticed some things have changed here at PKGRILLS.COM. We know that folks have relied on their PK to deliver consistent quality for decades and that trust comes from the fact that the PK has changed very little since 1952. Indeed many of the units produced in Tyler, TX in 1952 are still in service with happy customers. So, with that in mind, we didn’t set out to create change for change’s sake, but we felt that 2014 held big things for our little company and we knew that we needed a few things to be ready for the adventure.

PK needed an upgraded web presence – look around the new site and drop us a line here or on your favorite social media site and let us know what you think. We needed a place to interact with our customers and to help our customers interact with each other. ‘Grate Friends’ (a blog and community forum) is just that place. Other than staring at clouds (of smoke) while cooking on our PK, we haven’t given them much thought, but we heard ‘the cloud’ is a great place to share your stuff. And we like to share. From a big recipe database and a YouTube channel to help you get the most out of your PK Grill to photos of your friends and neighbors loving their PK and the food they create on it, ‘Grate Friends’ aspires to be a place in the cloud you can return to when you need information or inspiration to fuel your next meal or outdoor event.

If you are one of our loyal retailers (or want to be), we have some great new features on the way for you as well. Like downloadable sales aids and enhanced ordering processes to make sure you stay in stock on all of your PK products.

That’s just the online stuff. We are working feverishly on product enhancements and some other cool stuff that I need to save for later because I have to write a couple of these blog posts per week. As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. That is and will always be especially true for the PK.