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A Science Lesson From PK

Posted by Scott Moody on 12th May 2014

It’s been 6 days since the new website went live and we are pretty excited about the enthusiastic welcome that it has received. The site has already taken orders to ship PK’s and PK accessories from Florida to Hawaii. These coastal and island deliveries highlight an interesting and unique selling point of the PK Grill & Smoker. The PK’s cast aluminum body will not rust, like many other grills do, when exposed to the salt air at these beachside locations. Thats a pretty good feature (perhaps even a must-have, if you’re asking us) for a product that so many people use at their vacation homes and boats on the water. 

So, how does cast aluminum resist water and rust? When aluminum is exposed to the atmosphere it spontaneously forms a thin but effective oxide layer that prevents further oxidation. Aluminum oxide is impermeable and, unlike the oxide layers on many other metals, it adheres strongly to the parent metal (read: your PK). If damaged mechanically, aluminum’s oxide layer repairs itself immediately. The smart folks at  Stanford agree, but even if hard science isn't convincing enough for you, check out our Testimonials and Facebook pages to see for yourself just how many real customers have generations old PK’s that still cook like new.

Durability under varied conditions is one of the reasons why the PK has been a popular choice for outdoor cooking for over 60 years: it dutifully withstands outdoor elements, exposure to rain, sleet, snow, salt air, even spilled beer without forming rust. We are confident our new customers in Florida, Hawaii and everywhere in between will agree.  

* Got an old PK that has has withstood the test of time?  Send us a pic at or enter our  photo contest - you could win a new one!