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PK300 The Whole Hog Bundle - Silver

Whole Hog Bundle:
Whole hog is a state of mind. Everything. All-in. No holding back. The PK 300 Whole Hog Bundle comes fully loaded with everything you need to maximize your PK state of mind.
Bundle Includes:

The PK300 Grill & Smoker - Graphite

The New PK300 Slim Cover

The PK Heavy Duty Charcoal Basket

The Littlemore Grid for PK Grills

The PK BBQ Thermometer by Tel-Tru

F&S | Fire Starters (32 count)

The Durable Teak Cutting Board

PK Pizza Stone

PK300 Stainless Steel Griddle Slotted

Product Specifications
PK300 Grill - Silver, PK300 Slim Cover, Charcoal Basket, Littlemore, Tel-Tru, Fire Starters. Cutting Board, Pizza Stone, PK300 Griddle Slotted
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