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How to Smoke a Holiday Ham

25th Mar 2015

Of course you're in charge of the Easter ham. You are a smoker of meats. You are a griller of the first order. You are a legendary PK Grill & Smoker owner. When the holiday rolls around, that ham is coming your way and you better know what to do with it. We’re not saying you don’t already know everything about grilling meat, but if a sugar cured ham tends more toward the exotic side of your repertoire, PK is here to offer a few pointers.

You’ll need 4 hours of cook time and only 4 simple ingredients to make this easy smoked ham recipe.



  • Sugar cured ham
  • Honey dijon mustard
  • Brown sugar
  • Pineapple juice


  • Aluminum foil
  • Cherry or your favorite fruit wood


  • Set up the PK Grill & Smoker for indirect cooking and bring the temp up to 225.
  • While the smoker is heating, unwrap thawed ham and with paper towel, remove excess moisture.
  • Coat the outside of the ham with the honey dijon mustard and lightly dust ham with brown sugar.
  • Once smoker has reached 225 degrees, add a few chunks of wood (recommend cherry or fruit wood) to smoker's coals and place ham on smoker.


  • After smoking the ham for 2 hours at 225 degrees, take it off smoker and wrap in aluminum foil.
  • Before wrapping completely, baste ham with pineapple juice. Tip: Pour the juice into a spray bottle then squirt ham a few times.
  • Once ham has been basted and wrapped in aluminum foil, place it back on the smoker and cook for 1 hour at 225 degrees.
  • After 1 hour and your ham reaches 140 degrees internal, it's time to glaze.
    • To Glaze:
      • Unwrap the top of the ham while it remains setting in foil.
      • Sprinkle brown sugar over the entire outside for a final time.
      • Once coated, spray pineapple juice on top of brown sugar, causing it to dissolve.
  • Smoke for an additional hour to allow the sugar and juice to create a nice glaze.
  • At the 4 hour mark and 145 degree internal temp, the ham is ready to come off the smoker.
  • Let it rest for 20 - 30 minutes... then enjoy!

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