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The Local Palate - Rekindling the Flame

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We are awfully proud to be featured in the August issue of Local Palate magazine. Not just because the story was written by Paula Disbrowe, an accomplished food writer and, we are happy to say, fellow PK enthusiast. Or because Sara Reeves' images captured the surroundings and spirit of our time together so well. We are most proud of this piece because we all met as strangers in the Arkansas woods, cooked some great food on our new grill, the PK360, we ate, drank, laughed and parted as true friends. We believe that is the essence and draw of outdoor cooking. It is certainly what we want PK to be about. Welcome friends. 

See the full story here.

Published by: The Local Palate

Written by: Paula Disbrowe

Photography: Sara Reeves

See the full story here.

Malcom Reed from How to BBQ Right shows us the secret to an award winning Ribeye

Malcom Reed is a serious BBQ enthusiast and PK Grill & Smoker fan. He wins steak cooking competitions and offers recipes, tips and more on his website howtobbqright.com.  Malcom was kind enough to share his secrets to grilling an awarding winning Ribeye Steak.   

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Venison Suya By Micheal Pendley Author of Timber 2 Table

This West African street food tradition is perfect for grilled venison. BY MICHAEL PENDLEY AUTHOR OF TIMBER 2 TABLE The best way to learn about a country’s culture is to sample its street food. In West Africa, particularly around Cameroon and Nigeria, that street food would probably be Suya. Suya is African for skewered meat, and that [...]

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Brined & Smoked Porch Chops

Ingredients 3 cups water ¼ cup salt ¼ cup firmly packed Maple brown sugar 2 cups ice cubes(Substitute a cup or 2 of Apple juice for the water for apple flavor)Directions Mix the water, salt, and sugar until dissolved over heat [...]

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Grilled Low Country Boil Packet Style By Michael Pendley Author of Timber 2 Table

Don't have the time or equipment for a full-size Lowcountry boil? Try these packets. And toss in some frog legs for good measure. BY MICHAEL PENDLEY AUTHOR OF TIMBER 2 TABLE Call it Frogmore Stew, Lowcountry boil, or Beaufort Boil, everyone loves the spicy mixture of seafood, potatoes, corn, and sausage. During the summer, we like to toss frog [...]

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2017 PK Home Depot Parking Lot Series Recap

The 2017 PK Home Depot Parking Lot Series came to an end this week when we held our final event with nearly 30 teams at the Home Depot in Alpharetta, GA. We want to thank everyone that helped make these events so great. We would especially like to thank Home Depot for their great hospitality [...]

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Fourth of July Tower of Pork Submitted by The Convivial Boar

Fourth of July is a perfectly convivial holiday—celebration, spirited-fellowship, and feasting! To the grill, my friend.This year, I have a suggestion for the truly adventurous pork-inclined purveyor of the grilling arts: Tower of Pork!That’s right, a pork loin piled on top of St. Louis-style ribs. All cooked to perfection on the new PK 360 grill —(the slow [...]

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Backstrap Caveman-Style Recipe By Michael Pendley Author of Timber 2 Table

More than a party trick, cooking a piece of meat Caveman Style, directly on the coals with no cooking grate or pan of any sort, is a surprisingly good method to prepare meat. The intense heat of the coals sears the surface of the meat quickly, keeping the center rare and juicy. The lack of seasoning [...]

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The PK Fourth of July Field Guide

The fourth of July is serious business for grillers and outdoor revelers of all stripes. Like summer temps, expectations can be high. To succeed, you need a clear strategy, so PK has pulled together this guide to help you plan and execute a flawless birthday party for America. FOOD First, ditch the weiners and wings and make [...]

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PK Apple Dumplings by PK Ambassador and 2014 & 2014 World Champion – Dustin Sanders

Ingredients: 2 Granny Smith Apples 1 liter of lemon-lime soda 2 cans of crescent rolls 2 stick of butter 1 bottle of Parkay squeeze butter 1 cup of dark brown sugar 1 cup of cane sugar 1 Tsp of cinnamon Fire up the PK 360 grill and dial the temperature to 325 – 350 degrees. The PK Heavy Duty Charcoal Basket works well here because we are going to offset the fire to the [...]

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